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Abetteric Women's Ethnic African Print Dashiki Sheath Dress

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Being a hub for fashion and antique prints, Ghanaian African wear styles have always been outstanding and appealing to the eyes. The fabrics, in particular, are usually part of African heritage with very deep cultural values. From time to time, designers have been meticulously playing around with such fabrics in creating something exquisite. This year’s styles for both men and women attest to their high level of skills and creativity. 

The use of kente, Kitenge, batakari among other materials is what brands Ghanaian clothing styles. It's no surprise that kente and batakari are part of the national dressing. Through government support and citizen's pride, Ghana's brands have traversed far and beyond the borders. There is always an ever-growing demand for new dresses, consequently keeping stylists on toes. Fortunately, they have not been disappointing. 

Ghana dress styles 2019

Latest ghanaian dresses are nothing short of perfection. They are professionally designed and look simply amazing. Even though many of them are usually alterations of previous versions, the works done by our very own stylists is really remarkable. Below are some of the latest styles going round in our country. 

Ghana cloth styles-short dresses

Kente fabric is always associated with high status and elegance. That is why many of its dresses are usually long, classy and always sophisticated. However, in recent times, short dresses have taken back the limelight and always spotted at various events. They are usually meant for a casual look, even though some of them blend seamlessly in a traditional setup. Here are some of the trendy outfits going around.

Brown color in kente fabric is culturally linked to royalty and monetary wealth, and this dress clearly depicts that. The unique design of having short sleeves yet still comfortably fitting, to bring out the feminine curves is definitely impeccable

This is part of Ghanaian clothing well-tailored for a confident and daring woman. It’s made to a comfortably fitting size, a short length and off-shoulder straps that cross over the arms. The cleavage is also precisely cut to expose just a little bit of skin while leaving the rest for imagination

Even though kente’s short dresses are very much appealing to the eyes, it’s not the only fabric used in making latest dresses in Ghana. Ankara’s new dressing styles are equally adorable. Here are some of them trending this year. African wear styles for ladies -Ankara short flare gowns Looking for a simple decent gown for a date night? Well, look no further as this short purple print dress will definitely solve your dilemma. With a flare on the bottom half, it can surely give you all the comfort you need when in it. It can be paired with neutral colored heels and attractive accessories. One good thing about this dress is that it blends well with any kind of body shape be it hourglass or plus size. It’s actually one of the best Ghana women clothes highly in demand.

This kente dress in orange, green, blue and purple colors depict royalty, love, harmony, and feminine as well as spiritual growth. Normally all colors and patterns have a deeper meaning and therefore are worn according to the nature of the ceremony. For instance, this was definitely a wedding. However, there are also other patterns and colors for a similar wedding ceremony that are equally beautiful and stunning.